Westwind Computer Products has been a premier reseller in this sector for 20 years. One thing we’ve learned in two decades as an IT supplier is that happy users make for more productive users. When sourcing desktop and mobile devices for workers, we help our customers identify the products and solutions that will satisfy teams and maximize productivity. We provide complete solution sets with scalable growth options that account for evolving technology and user-driven trends.

When outfitting a modern office, we look at what’s important to our customers’ success: security, mobility, and productivity. Beyond the devices themselves, we also provide enhanced solutions including security features, compatible components, and accessories, and the ability to interchange and build packages based on specific organization requirements.

With a variety of value-added services, we can help customize your unique company’s service offerings, skill sets, and geographic reach. If you need solutions built and configured to your specifications? Our robust build-to-order (BTO) integration services can help get the job done.

We offer a commitment to Secure Supply Chain Management. We work only with qualified manufacturers and follow a carefully mapped protocol to ensure the security of every device we sell from the time it leaves its manufacture site until it arrives at your door.

At Westwind, we take the designation of Value-Added Reseller seriously. Our process includes asking the right questions and understanding the obstacles our customers face based on their environment and budget constraints. We’re not just here to sell you a product – we want to partner with our customers to help find the best solution that drives cost savings and higher productivity.

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