Westwind and RIZE

Westwind proudly partners with RIZE to provide our customers full color and composite 3D printers that allow for safe industrial 3d printing for any industry.

Featured Partner Products


RIZE™ ONE is the first and only 3D printer to be certified for health and environment safety under the stringent UL 2904 standards. While 3D printers are known to emit up to 200 VOCs and ultrafine particles, RIZE ONE does not. In fact, RIZE ONE’S UL 2904 GREENGUARD certification covers both the print process and the post-processing. RIZE ONE builds enhanced engineering thermoplastic parts with unmatched features, such as digital traceability and part identification, best-in-class Z-strength and simple postprocessing. Industrial class features set the RIZE ONE apart. The heated build chamber ensures parts are printed with dimensional accuracy and superior layer adhesion. Locking covers prevent operator injury and comply with regulatory safety standards. Automatic filament swap simplifies supplies management to ensure uninterrupted printing. And consumable cartridges are digitally encoded to ensure the correct process parameters are applied for every print job. RIZE ONE combines strength, safety, security and speed for the most affordable and sustainable production of replacement and custom tooling, fixtures, jigs and end use parts


XRIZE™ is a versatile, multi-material industrial 3D printer that’s purpose-built for safety, strength, accuracy and surface finish. XRIZE shares all the benefits of RIZE ONE, including safety, ease of use, minimal pre- and post-processing and minimal material management. XRIZE provides exceptional value for users across the enterprise by delivering vibrant, full-color durable parts in engineering-grade thermoplastic and carbon composite, offering unparalleled diversity of applications across prototyping, tooling and end use/service applications in manufacturing, package design, AEC, consumer products and medicine.

RIZIUM Filaments & Functional Inks

The RIZIUM™ family of filaments and inks are designed for high strength, superior layer adhesion, long term stability and clean operation.

Diverse Applications
RIZIUM Filaments are recyclable, designed for safety and excel in an array of diverse fields & applications.

Moisture & Chemical Resistant
RIZIUM Filaments are designed to be moisture resistant for maximum process stability making RIZIUM parts easy to store and handle. RIZIUM is also chemically resistant to polar solvents.

Multi Material Platforms
The value of your RIZE 3D Printer increases as new RIZIUM filaments are developed. We are constantly working on diversifying our Filament portfolio for our Printers.

Specialized Filaments

RIZE's portfolio of Filaments enable best-in-class results for your enterprise's needs. Scroll down to learn more about each of our filaments.


Based on an engineering-grade polymer, RIZIUM ONE is USP Class VI certified making it ideal for life sciences applications – it can be used for part that will contain drugs and biological matter. It has best in class Industrial Z-strength and is also moisture and chemical resistant.


RIZIUM CARBON is based on an engineering-grade thermoplastic, reinforced with carbon fiber for a higher modulus and incredible visual finish. RIZIUM CARBON is ideal for applications such as tooling, jigs & fixtures, larger parts for and functional prototyping for manufacturing.

Glass Fiber Composite

Expected Arrival: First Half of 2020 RIZE Material team is working on developing a composite glass fiber filament suitable for full color applications.

RIZIUM Marking Ink

Using RIZE ONE or XRIZE, RIZIUM MARKING INK enables the application of indelible text and graphics to any part surface to add for example: part numbers, operating instructions or safety warnings. RIZE Marking capabilities builds trust and traceability into the additive manufacturing process by allowing the digital augmentation of parts, using QR codes.


XRIZE is the world's first full color Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printer. This is made possible in part by RIZIUM CMYK INKS, indelible inks of vivid colors. Full color 3D printing enhances branding and imagery on parts while also allowing for the creation of full color realistic models, packaging prototypes and visualization models (FEA).

RIZIUM Release One

Jetted between the part and its support structure, RELEASE ONE is a repelling agent that weakens the bond between the part and the support structure, making support removal faster and safer. RELEASE ONE also preserves a smooth post-release surface finish which is essential to achieving good color on those surfaces.

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