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Stantec picks all-flash for mission-critical environment

Written on August 12, 2

The 1st measurable improvement was roughly a 20% reduction in batch times. The guys running batch jobs asked, ‘What happened? These things are fast!’ In the past, network flooding caused the system to become I/O-bound. We aren’t seeing that now.

Globally architected, locally delivered

Written on August 12, 2

HPE helped us build a global private cloud that centralized our infrastructure, allowing us to deliver better services across our network of marketing agencies and benefit from applications—with zero down time. – Jason Cohen, Global CIO, DAS

Cognitive Collaboration

Written on August 12, 2019

Information overload creates ineffective interactions and hurts productivity. 90% of all digital information is unstructured data in disparate databases and 61% of workers need 4+ apps during the work day. So, what’s the solution?

3D Printing comes of age in US industrial manufacturing

Written on August 1, 2019

Expectations and needs for just-in-time and customized products are on the rise, making 3DP a force of disruption in restructuring supply chains and changing customer relationships. 2/3 of US manufacturers are using 3DP – chiefly in prototyping.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing accelerates performance with hyperconverged IT

Written on July 31, 2019

In a sport where wins are decided by a hundredth of a second, every vehicle component and every decision matters. Hyperconverged IT plays a pivotal role in the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team’s success.

6 Steps to Smarter Unified Communications

Written on July 31, 2019

People expect their workplace technology to enable a smarter way of working how, when, and where they work best. Does your unified communications stack stand up to the challenge of your most valuable resources?

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