Westwind and Yuneec

Westwind proudly partners with Yuneec to provide our customers a diverse selection of drone models, sensors, and cameras. Yuneec solutions fit a wide range of applications in different industries from law enforcement to film to construction.

Featured Partner Products


The H520 is a perfect solution for long flight times and a proven and robust technology in one package. The H520 is built for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying, and mapping applications in addition to offering cinematic imaging payload systems. Six-rotor systems allow for stable, precise flight and long focal-length lenses allow the sUAS to fly at greater distance from an object. Data may be shared instantly from the ST16S Ground Station or delivered directly in 4K/2K/HD video or 20Mp still images. Even in high-wind environments, when a manned inspection would be deemed unsafe, the H520 sUAS system can hold position. Exclusive flight speed control can slow speed to just above stall for maximum precision. H520’s landing gear retracts to give you a full, 360° view.


Use the E30Z, a powerful 30x zoom drone camera, to capture valuable details from a distance. The compact camera housing contains a 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor, which provides high-quality and stabilized recordings even in low light conditions. The camera also offers a 6x digital zoom which works well for inspection, search and rescue operations, and monitoring. When using the zoom function, the integrated 3-axis gimbal automatically compensates for slight gusts of wind and drone movements for ± 0.02° accuracy to produce not only smooth video recordings but also incredibly sharp photos. The maximum zoom speed from wide-angle to tele is just 2.55 seconds. Adjust photography modes or white balance settings with the ST16S controller’s integrated touch screen. The 360° rotation of the gimbal, with the landing gear of the drone retracted, provides an unrestricted panoramic view.


The E90 camera is a wide-angle, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in applications that require high quality photo and video. The E90 utilizes a 20 MP 1-inch sensor and the latest H2 high speed image processing chip. The digital zoom feature allows the user to digitally zoom in and out with two finger gesture. Zoom factor is up to 8x, whereas the view on the ST16S is lossless up to 4x.


The E50 camera is a medium focal length, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in inspection or cinema applications. The E50 utilizes a high aperture 1/2.3 inch CMOS imager that is capable to capture still images with 12 MP resolution.


The E10T with FLIR® boson sensor for the H520 Hexacopter is a stabilized 3-axis gimbal, thermal imaging, and residual light camera all-in-one. The E10T is available with a 320*256-pixel or as E10Tv with a 640*512 thermal imaging resolution. The E10T takes high-quality pictures and detects more details in the dark than the naked eye with the help of its large RGB sensor. Thanks to its dual video stream, you can stream the thermal and residual light image simultaneously to the remote control and then look at the image as an overlay or picture-in-picture. Furthermore, the E10T supports commercial applications such as mission planning.


The CGOET is an innovative combination of a thermal imaging and a low light camera with a 3-axis gimbal, capable of a continuous 360° rotation. With the thermal imaging camera, the temperature in the image selectively measures and indicates relative temperature differences. The residual light IR lens has 20x higher sensitivity than the human eye and captures excellent images, particularly in low light conditions. 

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